Company History

Resonac (former Showa Denko) HD Media business division started since 1984, the milestone chart below illustrates the development of our individual global divisions until present.

Resonac HD Business

2023 Jan Renamed to Resonac HD and became part of Resonac Holdings Corporation and Resonac Corporation, integrating Showa Denko K.K and Showa Denko Materials Co.,Ltd.

Former Showa Denko HD Business

1984 Sep Started Research & Development
1987 Jul Installed Semi-commercial line at Kawasaki Works
1988 Mar Shipped first batch of products to customer
1989 Nov Built Production Facility (Building-A) in Ichihara, Japan (SHDI)
1991 Dec Completed Building B in Ichihara, Japan (SHDI)
1996 Oct Completed Building C in Ichihara, Japan (SHDI)
1997 Oct Established Showa Denko HD (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (SHDM)
2001 Mar Combined Aluminum substrate business by merger with Showa Aluminum Corporation
2002 Nov Established Showa Denko HD Singapore Pte. Ltd. (SHDS-West)
2003 Jul Allied with Trace in Aluminum media
2004 Jul Established Showa Denko HD Trace Corporation (SHDT)
2005 Jul Started mass production of perpendicular magnetic recording hard disks first in the world
2006 Jun Completed R&D Building in Ichihara, Japan (SHDI)
Started commercial production of 2.5-inch HD media with storage capacity of 100 GB per disk
2006 Nov Completed new plant in Singapore (SHDS-East)
2009 Jun Integrated the HD business of Fujitsu Limited and established Showa Denko HD Yamagata KK (SHDY)
2011 Jul Phase II expansion in Singapore (SHDS)
2014 Jul SHDM become wholly owned subsidiary company of SHDS
2015 Jan Incorporated Oyama Plant into SHDY
2019 Jan SDK’s 3.5-inch Media Now Used in World’s-Largest-Capacity 16TB HDD
2021 Feb Increased substrate manufacturing capacity to support expansion of HDD Aluminium media production
2021 Dec Developed HD Media for MAS-MAMR Technology
2022 May Starts Shipment of Newly Developed HD Media for Record-breaking 26TB Near-line HDD